Müge Özkan, Çağla Gül Şenkardeş, Ali Perşembe
Workinton Levent

March 9th - International Women's Day Special Meeting - Meet-Up

This special meet-up, which we held for International Women’s Day, was also the launch of the news that we, as Istanbul Blockchain Women, will become an association. This time, Workinton Levent hosted our meeting. In the panel sessions we held with our guests, the general framework was to address the existence of women in the fields of corporate life and technology-oriented businesses and to discuss the views on increasing the presence of women in these areas. The importance of the support of men in this area was also discussed, along side with the women’s struggle alone. The conversations of our moderators Recep İlkbahar and Başak Burcu Yiğit with both of our guests were very enjoyable in the panels attended by IBM Team Leader Müge Özkan and MenaPay CEO Çağla Gül Şenkardeş. Ali Perşembe, the co-founder of Saha Rating, contributed to the last part of our event with his entertaining presentation titled “The Light Side of Bitcoin”.