Ayşegül Şensoy
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Use-Case Series

January 2020- “Is Blockchain Our New Police: Crypto AML and Regtech” - Ayşegül Şensoy

In our January meeting with the contributions of SnapEx, we hosted XYZ Technologies / Business Development Director – Ayşegül Şensoy, focusing on blockchain technologies and creating services in this direction. Under the title “Is Blockchain our new police: Crypto AML & Regtech”; Ayşegül Şensoy shared with us the work carried out before XYZ, a blockchain and fintech start up, especially in the crypto money markets, against illicit-money laundering (Crypto AML) and blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms. Previously, we listened to SnapEx and Margin Transactions from SnapEx / Business Development Officer Burcu Atalay.

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