Engin Çağlar, Hande Enes, Çiğdem Ayözger Öngün
ING İnovasyon Merkezi

February 6th - Blockchain Ecosystem in Technology, Regulation and Investment axis - Meet-Up

Istanbul Blockchain Women brought together the ecosystem with a special meet-up, which was created in a different concept from the Blockchain Use-Case series, that is held regularly every month. Within the event held on the theme “Expectations in the Blockchain ecosystem for 2020 and beyond”, Engin Çağlar, member of the board of directors responsible for the foreign relations from Swiss Zug Valley Association, made a detailed presentation titled “Blockchain Loves Coincidences” about the ecosystem with a very distinct perspective. Following the presentation, in which Davos – WEF impressions were shared, a panel discussing the implementation, regulation and important developments expected to affect the blockchain ecosystem that will take shape in 2020 and beyond took place. In the panel, together with Engin Çağlar, angel investor Mrs. Hande Enes and SRP Legal founder Lawyer Dr. Mrs. Çiğdem Ayözger Öngün was our guest. After our pleasant and interactive conversation, our meeting ended with the Q&A section.
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