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April 2020- Online Webinar “Crypto Coins and Token Economy - CryptoIndexSeries A New Perspective” - Dr. Gökçe Phillips / With the support of Paribu

Our 2nd Use-Case Series meeting of 2020 took place in a very different format than our previous events – online. Online webinars are the most positive thing that these days we live under quarantine due of the Corona epidemic. We hosted Dr. Gökçe Phillips, one of the oldest participants of our platform, on our Arpil meeting which is the first event of our Use-Case Series that will continue with the contributions of Paribu. Phillips, co-founder of Projesium, introduced us the CryptoIndexSeries platforms they developed. This new platform, which brings a new perspective to cryptocurrencies and token economy, is a candidate to be an indispensable source of information for many traders and investors. The platform, which operates on artificial intelligence and big data, allows users to access data from a single source to facilitate detailed analysis of the cryptocurrencies in the market.