Working Groups

You can review workgroup roles and apply to discover roles that interest you.

You can take the first step by becoming a member of our association to take part in working groups. You can review the terms of membership from the “Membership” tab on our website, and apply for group work to [email protected].

Research Team: One of the main focuses of Istanbul Blockchain Women is to increase the inclusiveness in the blockchain ecosystem and to support gender equality. In this context, our research group conducts blockchain and women-oriented research and academic studies. Group’s latest research topics of Istanbul Blockcha Women working with stakeholders in the sector in the Turkey is blockchain inventory of research for women.


Project Team: Since we believe that one of the most effective ways to bring a woman-oriented perspective to the blockchain ecosystem is to produce projects, we have a talented group that focuses on issues such as blockchain, sustainability, digitalization and produces projects in the eyes of development agencies, funds, investment agencies at local and abroad.


Content Team: Every voice in the Istanbul Blockchain Women family deserves to be heard. We enjoy sharing blockchain-focused sectoral and awareness-raising articles on our blog. The content group is also preparing a comprehensive book that covers blockchain from different angles. The first book that the Istanbul Blockchain Women family has been working on with great effort will soon be on the shelves.


University Communities Cooperation Support Team: In cooperation with universities, we aim to be a bridge between students’ schools and their careers. In this context, we prepare various seminars, trainings and Istanbul Blockchain Women embassy program of our cooperation group with the contributions of university students.


Education Team: Education is the way to grow and strengthen the blockchain ecosystem. With this awareness, a free and paid Blockchain training series to be offered to all our stakeholders is being prepared. Trainings prepared with our competent members will be organized largely by our internal resources based on volunteerism.Trainings are designed to cover all segments and to be continuous. Our training programs are planned meticulously, starting from the basics of the blockchain, covering the application areas of the blockchain, sectoral application examples and technical trainings. Members of the Istanbul Blokchain Women’s Association will be offered the opportunity to benefit from the trainings free of charge or at a discount.


Communication Team: As a community that believes that we are as strong as our ties with each other, we are establishing a brand new group that will strengthen our relations with private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organizations with similar goals at local and abroad. Our communication team, which will share with you by providing information flow and global developments in a first-hand and agile manner, will serve as the main vein of our association. We hope that there will be projects that we can develop together in the group where corporate relations will be carried out, issues that we can nurture from each other, collaborations and much more.